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Charter management Adria service has a long nautical tradition. With many years of experience we operate our own vessel base in Marina Izola, which is the northernmost charter base in the Adriatic. The professional competence of our employees enables us to sell the capacities at the highest level, in the “booking” department, to perform transfers and take-overs of vessels to our guests, as well as quality and professional maintenance of vessels.

How to become a boat owner without wasting your entire property?

The answer is Charter Management, which we offer. The vessel only covers all the expenses and at the end of the year it summs in some income.
Charter Management is a form of vessel financing through chartering. This means that the owner of the vessel signs a multi-year contract with the charter operator, which gives the vessel to its customers. The operator cares for the vessel for the duration of the contract and maintains it in technically and visually optimal condition.

At ASY we offer the owner the following:

– as experienced seafarers and agents of the Slovenian renowned manufacturer Elan, we offer extremely favorable conditions for the purchase of a new sailboat, configuration advice, …,

– professional assistance in the decision to purchase a new, “right” type of vessel

– professional assistance with the purchase of a used vessel

– favorable offer of other necessary equipment according to the As standard (security and charter equipment)

– assembly and all preparation of the new vessel until acceptance at the base

– arrangement of registration of the vessel under the Slovenian flag

– acceptance record at the transfer of the vessel to the base

– ASY for the duration of the contract (5 years) takes care of the promotion of the vessel (visits to fairs, e-promotion, sales to a network of agencies and direct guests, …), professional and friendly performance of check in, check out work, technical integrity of the vessel,…

– once a month, issue an invoice for rentals and issue an invoice for agreed maintenance work

– prepare the vessel for the season, regularly in maintains the vessel during the season, and prepares the vessel for the winter

– upon expiration of the five-year CM contract, we offer the owner an extension of the vessel for the desired period, assistance in the sale of the vessel and the purchase of a new one, or handing over to the owner and maintenance assistance.

Why with ASY in charter management?

Because we are the northernmost charter base and well visited from the Central European guest. We offer a transparent contract without “fine print”. Maintenance is billed at the actual costs incurred and not at a flat rate. Professional maintenance of the vessel with its own personnel or recognized external associates. Installation of original spare parts. Relatively high number of weeks sold (max. Elan Impression 394, 27 weeks).
The base is made up of vessels from various renowned European manufacturers, for all tastes and preferences: Elan, Jeaneau, Beneteau, Bavaria and Dufour.
Employee friendliness and professionalism, as well as the technical flawlessness of the vessels, as evidenced by the high percentage of permanent guests (more than 20%).
The base at Marina Izola offers navigation in as many as three countries, since we are practically on the border between Italy and Croatia. The proximity to Venice (58 Nm) offers the cheapest visit to this world-class architectural pearl. Even to Pula, which is at the end of the Istrian peninsula, is only 52 Nm.


⛵ AUGUST ⛵ last minute ⛵ sail from Slovenia to Croatia/Italy

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  • 4. August, 2020

Up to -35% Discounts Sailing from IZOLA!

  • 27. June, 2020


  • 15. May, 2020

We have a new website!

  • Izola Marin, Adriatic
  • 25. March, 2020
Finally we did a new and fresh web site after a couple of years. Hope you will enjoy it!

Covid 19

  • Izola Marin, Adriatic
  • 18. March, 2020
Due to corona virus we closed temporary our office and are all inquarantine, but we are still available on email adresses and mobile phone numbers.
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