UŽIVAJTE V BREZSKRBNIH JADRALSKIH POČITNICAH – in uspešni manevri v marini k temu veliko prispevajo!

V sodelovanju z avstrijsko jadralno šolo smo organizirali vaje za manevriranje jadrnice v ozkih in omejenih prostorih. Šola bo potekala v angleščini ali nemščini.

Za vsa dodatna vprašanja smo vam (tudi v slovenščini) na voljo v naši pisarni v Marini Izola oziroma na elektronskem naslovu:


Every year we see the problems that skippers have managing the boat in the marina. But they wouldn’t have to have them if they had gone through the training with a well-known sea-man-ship Austria. After years of collaboration we decided to join forces and create a great training for you!

This is, what you will take away from our training:

  • Boat handling in narrow and confined spaces under engine power
  • Mooring and casting off stern to and alongside the pontoon under any circumstances
  • Special skills for small crew and adverse conditions

Our long-term partner, sea-man-ship Austria, will lead these intense 3-day training sessions in Marina Izola SLOVENIA.

SPRING: 17/03 – 19/03 AND 20/03 – 22/03

AUTUM: 20/10 – 22/10 AND 23/10 – 25/10

And we support your training-effort with a 200, – Euro Charter-Voucher for your next sailing vacation!


In Marina Izola (SLO) in spring 2024:

∙ Sunday 17 March at 9h – Tuesday 19 March till 17h 

(arrival on 16 March from 19h, accommodation on the yachts)

∙ Wednesday 20 March at 9h – Friday 22 March till 17h 

(arrival on 19 March from 19h, accommodation on the yachts)

In Marina Izola (SLO) in autumn 2024:

∙ Sunday 20 October at 9h – Tuesday 22 October till 17h

(arrival on 19 October from 19h, accommodation on the yachts)

∙ Wednesday 23 October at 9h – Friday 25 October till 17h 

(arrival on 22 October from 19h, accommodation on the yachts)



The price is 570, – Euro incl. VAT 

Price includes: the berth onboard, 3-day training and the diesel / maximum 6 participants per yacht.

+ at the end of these 3 challenging days, you will receive your certificate of participation and your 200, – Euro Charter-Voucher.

We are often asked: 

“Do I need to have a sailing license to participate?” 

No, you don’t need one to participate.


The vast majority of participants have a skipper’s license, but we also have participants who are currently in training and use these international days as preparation – on the one hand for the exam, but above all as preparation for their future tasks.

The only important thing is that each participant has improved significantly by the end of the event. That’s all that counts.

Only your success counts!



The voucher supports one of your own sailing weeks.


Maybe you would want to prolong sailing for an extra week. Or maybe you would like to book a week alone for your family and friends.

In any case, the voucher is intended for you to spend more time at sea. We support your efforts to get better and to have fun!



In these 3 extremely intensive days, we will give you the necessary skills to master any situation.




FAQs – what questions have been asked so far?

How long is this voucher valid for? The voucher is valid from the date of issue for that and the following year.

How do I redeem the voucher? With booking a charter week (Sat to Sat) with ASY charter. Photograph your personalized voucher and send the photo to the ASY office.

Can I give the voucher to someone else? Yes, you can. We hope that you will use the voucher yourself for your practice, but sometimes circumstances stand against it. In that case you can give it away. Not ideal, but possible.

I always book through an agency – can I still redeem the voucher? Yes, you can also redeem the voucher if you book through an agency. The agency does not lose anything and you get the charter week 200 euros cheaper. However, you will have to contact ASY office yourself about this.

Which yachts can I charter with the voucher? Several yachts ranging from 33 to 50 feet are available. Contact the ASY office and you will receive an up-to-date list.

Which yachts are used for training? ELAN 354 / ELAN 45 / ELAN 444 / DUFOUR 44 / BAVARIA 38



Can I do this kind of voucher-supported training only once or can I come once a year? You are more than welcome to come more often, you will be supported each time with a voucher from ASY. Several of our participants refresh their knowledge once a year.

I am a woman and I would like to participate on my own – can I get my own cabin? Yes, of course. If there are 2 single women on a yacht, they share a cabin. If, for example, a third one is added, a sailor gets a single cabin.

Do I have to sleep on a yacht or can I rent a room in Izola? We train during the day, so you can also rent accommodation in one of the numerous accommodations in the immediate vicinity.

Who are the instructors? You will be on the yacht with one of these extremely experienced instructors: Peer Reeh, Olaf Weiß, Gert Hufnagl, Georg Engleitner, Boris Oman, Hildegard Etz. Head of training: Heinz Ressl

Can I redeem several vouchers for booking a charter week? No. You can only redeem one voucher for a weekly charter (Sat to Sat).


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